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Angelene,  hits ya like one too many ... Right in the chest!!! His
driving boogie style, sweet blues and slide playing set him apart
from rest. Add lyrics that send ya back..."ya been there" and
you'll be hooked!!
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1. - Angelene (3:51)
2. - Raging Fire (5:59)
3. - Shackin (4:55)
4. - Don't need Love (3:36)
5. - 20 Dollar Bill
-                                    When you Love
Somebody (11:20)
6. - Hot Rod Mama (3:40)
7. - Can ya Hang (3:01)
8. - Rock Star (4:15)
9. - Everything (5:53)
10.- Extra Mile (3:35)
11. - Friday night (3:41)
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Angelene was recorded in early 1996....Some
of it was recorded live at the  bar where many
great blues bands and others played, In
Hickory NC...Fast Company and then was
renamed Ten Years After.... but in the 90's was
called First Avenue. It was a great venue to
play...the room had this beautiful sound,,,so it
was decided as the place, and so James little
enginered... the band played....the place was
rock'en. it was an electrifying night.... you can
hear the songs .. Twenty Dollar Bill, ...
Shak'en,... When You love
Somebody!                          The other tunes
where recorded at Diamond Feather
studios...some tracks where recorded at
CopperHeads old studio.  This CD really cooks.
It tells of life,,,love,,,tears and the road..very
good slide guitar!!!
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